About Us


The church began in 1994, as a new ministry in the Molalla area. Ken and Linda Wakefield had recently returned to the states from being missionaries in Indonesia, and Ken was serving as interim pastor for a local church. From that, a small group of people began gathering in the Milo and Martha Schultz’ home for weekly prayer. Much time was spent seeking God’s wisdom, and soon a new church was established. A group of 18 adults gathered in the home of Jim & Rosie Wakefield for the first official "church" meeting in May of 1994.

The young church soon began meeting on Sunday mornings in the Molalla Grange.  A family dynamic was greatly encouraged and Bible studies, prayer times, and other activities took place as people opened up their homes. The heart of this church from the beginning is still a focus today--to truly be a family of believers, growing together into Christ-likeness, to the praise of God.

A few of the church founders.

Church Leaders

At the end of 2023 we were blessed to have Pastor Tom and his family leave their home in Michigan and travel across the country to join us here at FBCC.  Tom's teaching is solidly biblical, from a free-grace perspective.  His heart reflects compassion, and his leadership models discipleship.  Tom loves the outdoors and is invested in the community of Molalla.  ttruax86@hotmail.com 

Mark’s life is characterized by the word “diligence”. He is passionate about spiritual maturity, seeing each believer grow deeper and more in love with Jesus through His Word. Personally, Mark loves to seek Scripture and see the cohesiveness of the Bible, how there is unity and consistency throughout the Old and New Testaments. Family is of utmost importance to him. Mark is usually found behind the scenes, helping people in practical ways.  He is a contractor, specializing in electric work. He enjoys old cars and peanut butter but prefers not to discuss football. nwhomesteaders@pm.me

Dan is an elder who faithful serves and teaches well. He is a behind-the-scenes servant who loves work projects.  More than the project itself, Dan appreciates getting to know and serve one another as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. It is important to Dan to be faithful, listening to God’s direction in his life, even if it is an area in which he feels uncomfortable.  This has put Dan in jail each week! (Thankfully, they also let him out!) Being a chaplain in the local jail is one of the things Dan is most passionate about. He serves faithfully in that role, as well as many others. He and his wife enjoy date nights at their kids’ wide variety of sporting events.  Dan likes bland food, and dislikes traveling. danfarner@icloud.com

Keith is a generous and humble role model. He enjoys welcoming people into his life and uses his sense of humor to bring laughter to others. He is intuitive and alert to needs within the church and can often be found just “showing up” to help out. Keith is a protector.  He makes decisions carefully and cares deeply about the ongoing life of this church. Keith serves as treasurer for FBCC and leads the ministry to the children he so loves. His most heart-felt passion is that we stay true to Scripture and pass our faith on to the next generation – so the generations to come will know the Lord and the work He has done because WE faithfully taught them. Nothing tops being a grandpa, but Keith does enjoy fishing, hunting, gardening and tying flies.  keithohta@gmail.com

Darrin is a seeker of truth, even if it is uncomfortable. By being the ‘sound guy’ he makes sure that each sermon is available online for those who can’t join us in person. Darrin’s passion is to build up the body of Christ by doing good for each person in whatever way he can, as long as he doesn’t have to be in the spotlight. One-on-one he is a wealth of wisdom. He is most happy playing with his grandkids, playing in a game of soccer or chilling somewhere on a beach with his wife.  dtegtmei@gmail.com